About Us

The Wandering Ocean Eyes family

Brad and Sarah were married on beautiful Bilgola Beach in 2012 and have travelled to 30+ countries over 5 continents. After the boys with Ocean Eyes came along in 2015 (Bailey) and 2018 (Cruz), the young family have kept the travel dream alive.

Brad is a surfer and the family love the beach so in amongst amazing sites, there always seems to be a beach flavour to each destination. The next big trip is just around the corner as the Wandering Ocean Eyes family look to kid friendly options in North America, Europe and Asia.


Meet the Team



  From surfing the cold waters of Peru, idyllic oceans of Hawaii through to French beach breaks and the amazing waves across Central America; Brad’s motivation to travel has a certain theme to it. But it took Brad a while to realise there were waves outside the Northern Beaches (Cruz has already travelled more than Brad had before his 21st birthday).

  A love of everything outdoors and aspiring Wimbledon contender as a Junior, Brad earned a degree and works in IT sales. Each computer sold brings the family one step closer to their next airfare!



The free spirit in the family, Sarah travelled extensively from a young age. Backpacking through the outskirts of Asia to living in Europe, Sarah’s resilience saw her school around the world before settling on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

After Brad tried numerous ways to get Sarah’s attention, she eventually gave in and warmed to his charm. Since that first date in 2005, it’s been Sarah’s mission to help Brad appreciate that sleeping in (Economy) aeroplane seats is rewarded with amazing experiences.

Sarah has a degree and works as a Marketing Executive with one eye always on their menacing boys, Bailey & Cruz.



The bruiser of the family, Bailey has never been shy in tackling new tasks head on… Literally! This little guy doesn’t mind a few stitches and is energetic, enthusiastic and rides a mean scooter. He also understands downtime (occasionally) and can colour in a Paw Patrol sketch with his eyes closed.

Whilst being a bulldog, Bailey is popular at day care and genuinely cares for others. The eldest boy is quickly inheriting his mum’s resilience with plenty of travel hours already under his belt.



If Bailey is the bruiser, Cruz isn’t far behind. This young man has a permanent bump on the left side of his forehead and seems intent on preserving it. Cruz marches to the beat of his own drum and capitalises on any lapse in concentration to escape from Mum and Dad.

A genuinely funny little guy, you can already tell that Cruz is inheriting some of his father’s antics. He is sure to develop a cheeky charisma that will get him into trouble over the years.


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